It was in 1997 that Pure Skiing came across Livigno, driving through the Swiss tunnel that leads to the resort not knowing what we would find at the end. Twenty years later we sit with a smile from ear to ear while sipping a bombardino at a snack bar thanking our lucky stars that we made that initial trip. Livigno has been the top selling ski resort for Pure for the past five years and it’s easy to see why the SA market loves this Italian gem. I’ts a duty free village with over 150 retail shops, and plenty of bars and restaurants that keep the non-skier and leisure skier happy for days. Over the December / January period the central area can resemble Plettenberg Bay with Afrikaans being the most spoken language.

We have made ourselves at home in Livigno with permanent staff that welcome our “Saffa” guests and run our entertainment programme which includes ski dooing to a mountain hut, devil karting and beers at the highest brewery in Europe.

Livigno is a rustic Italian resort that is all about choice – both on and off the slopes. Whether you’re choosing between the extensive and exquisite ski terrain that makes this area one of Italy’s top ski areas, the bustling nightlife, the different restaurants, or adventurous and cultural daily activities, Livigno guarantees something for everyone. The village is duty-free and has over 150 retail shops, making it very appealing to groups with none-skiers, as there is something for everyone. In recent years, this resort has made headlines with wins and acknowledgements for being one of the top resorts in Europe.

With the recent announcement of the countrywide lock down PureSkiing offices will be closed from the 27th March. During this time it is crucial that we all do our part in curbing the spread of the Corona Virus. Although our offices are closed we are still open for business. Our staff will be working remotely so don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any information you need regarding the covid-19 lock down or in general regarding the virus please visit the national website,

During this time, we hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy.